Virtual Reality the future of 3D Visualisation

Although computer generated architectural visualisation is commonplace today, it may pale in comparison to what the future holds in this field very soon. As the arrival of colour and 3D cinema opened up new realms for movie goers in the 1940’s and 50’s, Virtual Reality (VR) is set to open up new frontiers within the field of  architectural rendering, in this decade.

Conventional property CGI will be the mainstay of 3D rendering for many years to come, however recent technical advances have seen the advent of property base VR.  Many architectural firms are starting to use VR within their design processes. VR gives architects a competitive advantage by shorten the design process and allowing them to wow their clients, with a visceral and totally enveloping visual experience.

Whether it’s via the use of a hand held device, (iPad or iPhone) or via a VR headset Oculus Rift (pictured above) or Daydream View, virtual reality gives the client a new view of their future house or apartment. He or she is immersed into a 3D world depicting a future lounge, kitchen or dining area. This type of visualisation offers a greater understanding of space, colour and form. Clients or customers will be able to assess whether a particular table or chair suits the new environment or whether the walls should be slightly lighter or darker. In the near future, as VR headsets become cheaper and more abundant, people will be able to click online links to view true 3D interior or exterior images at will. This will allow customers to view many future properties, with greater insight, without leaving their lounge room.

3D Online is now able to produces VR 3D visualisation. Contact us to discuss your VR project today.

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3D Online has the perfect balance of quality, attention to detail and pricing. The quality of their renders is only matched by their communication and efficiency. 3D Online created images within the set time frame, to a standard which exceeded my expectations and highlighted the attributes of the project at hand. 

I recommend 3D Online for any architectural project and I will use their services for future projects.

William Agnew

Martin was easy to deal with and accommodating in our requirements in terms of 3D renders and plans for our townhouse projects. Great Results.

George Mermelstein

Solovey Projects Pty Ltd

Martin from 3D Online was engaged on numerous of my projects over the last few years to provide high quality 3D images, I highly recommend Martin for any of your 3D image needs. Martin is highly experienced, very proactive and provides an excellent service.

Vincent Fiorenti

Nine x Nine Pty Ltd

We have given 3D Online two rendering projects thus far. I have been impressed by both the quality of work and the speed of the proofing process.

I would recommend 3D Online to our clients as a quick, high quality rendering company, at very competitive prices.

Dimi Dimartino

Architectural Home Designs